John Sangillo from Aces Barrel Turn Clinic

Aces Barrel turn system allows hitters to develop an elite swing pattern. Square up more consistently by becoming a hitter that turns the barrel to contact.

The Aces barrel turn system will give attendees an engineered advantage on the field by training with drills that transfer from “cage to stage.”

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This is for both Boys and Girls

Age, Days and Times:
8-11 years old 
Nov 3-5
4-6 Friday
9-11 Saturday
9-11 Sunday
$135/3 days  

12-13 years old
Nov 3-5
6-8 Friday
12-2 Saturday
12-2 Sunday
$135/3 days  

High School (14+ and older)
Nov 4-5
3-5 Saturday
3-5 Sunday
$100/2 days 

$135/3 days
$100/2 days
25 max per group