MAke sure you are staying safe

Updated Rules of the BBC Due to

If you are not feeling well or have a temperature higher than 98.6 please do not come to the facility.

Do not enter the building until 10 minutes before your scheduled lesson/practice

You MUST wear a mask at all times while in the facility

No one will be allowed to participate without a new waiver submitted to BBC

Check in with the front desk. After checking in, go wash your hands thoroughly before any activity for at least 20 seconds

Please refrain from any gum, seeds, tobacco products, or any spitting on the turf

Keep equipment a minimum of 6 feet away from anyone else’s equipment and do not share equipment. Players should use their own helmets, batting gloves, and bats. Please label all equipment with at least first initial and last name

Athletes are encouraged to first bring their own water to workouts and not share it with anyone else. Please label water bottles with at least first initial and last name

If you are not feeling well during activity, please alert a staff member

If equipment must be shared, please disinfect the equipment before and after. Bottles of disinfectant are located at each cage and at the front desk

Before putting balls back into cart, please spray them with disinfectant

After workout it is encouraged that you wash hands again for at least 20 seconds

For safety purposes, the facility is only open for players, except for drop off/pick up and payment transactions.

Please leave facility within 10 minutes after your scheduled lesson/practice. 

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Our Facility

We are located at 240 Ivory Street in Braintree. We are between the MBTA and TJ Maxx and Total Wine. The Braintree Baseball Club’s goal is to provide instruction and training for baseball and softball players of all ages and abilities. There are no pitching machines. We are equipped with 6 hitting tunnels. The tunnels are 60 long x 12 wide. Each cage has equipment to use whether you want to do tee work, flip hit or live pitch behind an L-screen.

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