January 2020 Athlete of the month

Maggie Kelly

The true test is what someone does when no one is watching. -John

Maggie Kelly is the epitome of what it means to be a genuinely great person. She is caring, kind, honest, and a leader. The best part about her is she doesn’t do it for any glory or any recognition. She is that way because she loves it and she knows it is just the right way to live. Beyond her great character, there is a tremendous work ethic that has been pivotal to her development as a softball player. She truly deserves the January Athlete of the Month Award.

Maggie has visited the baseball club for the past few years participating in our softball class instructed by Bill Berman. Maggie has improved due to her listening and adjustments towards constructive criticism. Over the past two years you can see her confidence growing along with her abilities. Bill Berman stated, “When Maggie began she was very raw but extremely teachable. She has worked as hard as anyone in the building and goes about it with a big smile as she has seen results very quickly. Her work ethic and ability to take advice and implement it quickly has always been impressive. She is now a major contributor and leader on all her teams. Her summer team won their league championship last year, a huge accomplishment for all involved. Maggie has lead many of her teammates to our clinics and is a great example to all of them as she quietly goes about her business. We can’t wait to see what her future holds.”

Outside of the BBC, Maggie is also a tremendous student and role model to her peers at South Middle School. Maggie and a few of her friends created a group called H.O.P.E., Help Our Planet Earth. The group’s priority is to raise awareness of plastic use by collecting bottle caps from the community. So far, they have collected over 15,000 caps. Their plan is to create a mural with the caps that reads, These are only the CAPS. Outside of the mural, they have already met with Mayor Kokoros to pursue what else they can do to help people make better choices and teach effects plastic use has on our environment.

As her Social Studies Teacher, I can first-hand attest to Maggie’s greatness. She is hardworking in the classroom and always respectful to her peers and staff. There is not a day that goes by that Maggie does not enter or leave the room without saying hello and have a good day. She is by far one of the most respectful students I have had the pleasure to meet. It is inevitable that her greatness will take her places in life.

Good luck with everything Maggie and Congrats

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