High School Independent Workout and Hitting

November 1st up to High School tryouts
Time: 3-5 Monday through Friday
Hit: 3-4; use workout area 4-5
Price: $50/month from first of the month to the end of the month* *month of  March runs up to tryouts only $25

As part of the deal:
Payments made up front at beginning of the month Cages are cleaned and set up when done at 4 oclock, no later.
Baseballs need to be sprayed at end of rental.
Lifting equipment MUST BE wiped down and put away when done.
Every day you sign in and you let the front know you are doing the high school month deal.
Masks must be worn in and out of the building and also while working out and outside of cages.
You must register through the google form on the website, there are NO WALK-INS.