September 2022 Athlete of the Month

Dylan Lamphere

He’s like our silent leader. He leads by example. So when he did step up and say something, it meant a whole lot to everybody because they knew that it came from the heart.
- Huston Street

For years, Dylan Lamphere has been a part of Bandits. He has probably earned this award 100 times over, but he is one of the great ones who has slipped under the cracks as he goes about his business in a quiet demeanor. He is the epitome of a coachable player, he does what is asked and works really hard at his game. Dylan has been a great leader this fall and deserves this award, Congratulations Dylan on being the September Athlete of the Month.

One day at practice both Steve Lee and I saw Dylan working in the cage. He was a little more vocal with his teammates, he worked with a little more confidence. Now a little older, he has taken on more of a leadership role and it seems to fit him well. Later that night in text we both mentioned how he deserved to be Athlete of the Month and many agreed.

Dylan has been with the program for a long time and has always been a great teammate and player. He has never been an issue with coaches or other players; he has always worked hard, listened to his coaches, and been a role model for others. Joe Hock, his aau coach said, “Dylan is a quiet natured kid who genuinely enjoys playing the game at his highest level. He is a tireless worker and is a pleasure to coach on a day to day basis. Whether he is playing infield, outfield or hitting anywhere in the lineup, he is consistent. He never says anything but ‘yes, Coach.’ I truly appreciate having him on my team and look forward to seeing him continue to grow both on and off the field. The future for him is extremely bright and he is going to be successful wherever he ends up. Congratulations Dylan and look forward to another great year.”

Thank you Dylan for all your hard-working and we look forward to your future.

Coach Joyce