September 2021 Athlete of the Month

Connor and Gavin Flynn

Do not underestimate a moment of your kindness. It has the power to change lives in ways you may never know. -Unknown

Tragedy struck the Braintree Police Department this summer on June 4th when Officers William Cushing Jr., and Matthew Donoghue sustained multiple gunshot wounds in the line of duty. During this incident, Braintree Police Dog Kitt was shot and killed while trying to save his fellow officers. The community came together to honor Kitt in various different ways. Two of our athletes, Connor and Gavin Flynn, helped in establishing a memorial for Kitt. For their leadership in the community the staff at BBC unanimously voted them our September Athletes of the Month.

During the services for K9 Kitt, Connor and Gavin, along with Sophia and Marina Whitelaw, and Ella Wood, discussed the idea of a memorial to honor Kitt for his years of service to the Town of Braintree. The group sent a letter to the Mayor’s office and a quick reply from Mr.Kokoros led to the creation of the fund. A few days after the services, the group presented Mayor Kokoros with a powerpoint about their plans. The powerpoint included not only their reasons for the memorial but also fundraising ideas and quotes from artists who specialized in bronze statues. After receiving approval from the Mayor, the group set up a Go Fund Me in order to raise the $18,000 needed for the statue. A few weeks later they also presented their powerpoint to the Chief and Deputy Chiefs at the Braintree Police Department. By the time of that meeting on July 13th, they had already raised $11,000 by hosting events like a table at the corn hole tournament, dine outs and lemonade stands. By August 26th, they had reached the needed $18,000. On top of that Chief Mark Dubois invited the group to the first official memorial committee meeting which included the kids, members of Braintree Police and the Department of Public Works staff. The artist the children presented at the meeting was chosen and has been commissioned to begin the process which will take about a year. Recently the group assisted the Braintree Police Working Dog Foundation by hosting a K9 pup sale at the Braintree Farmer’s Market, selling over 200 stuffed pups in two hours. Stuffed pups can still be purchased at American Reflective in Braintree. All proceeds would go to funding the memorial.

These 5 people have done a great service for their community and at such a young age, all of them ranging from 8-11, have shown leadership well beyond their age. Their act of kindness hopefully has sparked others to take up the call to help their community when needed. Thank you Connor and Gavin for everything you have done to help the community and to honor our hero K9 Kitt. The leadership that Connor and Gavin have shown is exactly what we are looking for out of the young men and women who walk through our doors.

Coach Joyce