January 2023 Athletes of the Month

Cate and Evan Petrie

Don't bunt. Aim out of the ballpark. Aim for the company of immortals ―David Ogilvy

Over a year ago, the Petrie Family joined the baseball club; they have been sleeping over ever since. Evan and Cate Petrie have been attending many classes provided at the baseball club along with Evan being a member of our 11u aau team. Both of them are extremely hard working and always listening to their coaches. The old saying “two heads are better than one” rings true with this pair. The two are very competitive and you can only imagine how bad one wants to beat the other. The sibling rivalry is displayed through their all business approach to the game. They feed off each other's desire to be great and they are very deserving of the January Athlete of the Month Award.

Onix Mercado works with both Evan and Cate in his hitting classes. He said, “Evan and Cate Petrie are at the club almost every day training in all aspects of the game. They go all in in everything they do. I love working with them but I love spending time with them. They are great kids with great parents that support them in everything they do. I am super proud of them.” Bill Berman, who coaches Evan in AAU, also said, “Cate and Evan are regulars at the club. As young ballplayers, they have a passion for the game and the grind rarely seen in players their age. They are widely respected in the club, as extremely coachable and hard workers. Coaching Evan on the Bandits is so fun. He comes to play with heart and soul every week. He is 1 of our top 2 catchers and is the quiet leader amongst a very talented group. Their examples as classy, respectful workers is greatly appreciated by our staff. If you want to know how to do something, watch the Petrie’s…they do it right. We are very grateful for their choice to join our club.”

During the winter I have been blessed to work with both Evan and Cate personally doing lessons. I love working with them because they are both very comfortable with being uncomfortable. We can work drills I can’t do with others because they are ok with trying something no matter the difficulty. They fully know in the long run they will benefit from these drills. They are both passionate and competitive and like other coaches said we are very fortunate to have them in our facility.

Thank you Cate and Evan. Keep working [email protected]!

Coach Joyce