BBC Acclamation

Did you witness something great this week? Maybe a fellow athlete helping someone with a drill, or someone cleaning up the cages after the class by themselves or even just a great effort by an individual you look up to?

As part of a new initiative at the BBC we are encouraging athletes, parents, staff to acknowledge good deeds when noticed. We believe at the BBC that through positive interaction, appreciation and encouragement we are building an environment that will create confidence within our athletes. Confidence is essential to becoming a better baseball/softball player, a better teammate, a better person. If you see something that you feel should be recognized, write it down on one of the slips and drop it in the box at the desk. We will be sharing our acclamations with you over social media and email.

Thank you for your continued support in our program

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Some great things happened this March

Tommy Willard- he pushes himself when he is completing his suicide runs in bandits practice; always polite and personable when signing in at front desk.
Kaitlyn O’Rourke- she does a great job at the front desk. She is awesome!
Pat Crisman- Pat hustled the whole work out.
Matt Dolan- always says hello and thank you! Very polite!
Maggie Kelly- always says hello and thank you with a smile very polite every week.
Luke Joyce- he stayed focused and worked hard throughout the whole practice.
Devin Kelsch- Monday’s hitting class- had best round of the 14 guys leading his team to line drive victory.
Colt Joyce- in Monday’s hitting class he hit 11 line drives in a row not bad for a five-year-old.
Joe Pendergast- being savage behind the dish.
Joe Schwartz- always polite, works hard, funny kid no matter the situation; he was so kind taking time to chat with my six-year-old and smile at him. It made my night to see 8th graders being such kind examples.
Jack Dexter- Jack hustled through all the drills during strength and conditioning and finished all his push-ups.
Colson Rudd- always listening and hard-working every week at future bandits.
Nathan Driscoll- this player has been doing lessons for a while here and I always see him here early and ready to go he has the greatest attitude and enjoys the game.
Lilly Martel- Lilly has been hitting in softball clinic all winter and she is a tremendous student of the game, hitter, and person. Keep up the good work.
Dean Doherty- showed good attitude when everyone was hitting, high praises after everybody hits.
Brian Kelly- Brian was so kind with my six-year-old and took time to chat about the sneakers and smiled at him
Thomas Fisher- I thought Thomas did an excellent job at his first hitting class, listening and making adjustments.
Alannah Kearney- for being awarded January Bishop of the month keep up the great work! Teddy Kelly- he was telling his teammates that they were doing a great job and to keep working hard.
Gavin Monroe- Gavin has improved tremendously over the past weeks through his own hard work and determination. 
Timmy Evans- in catching class, he set a good example for the younger guys and is always polite/hard-working.
Mr. Joyce- he started a great initiative!
Jonathan Houlder- he is always very polite when he comes in to the BBC.
Ella Barry- she always works hard when doing drills and applies constructive criticism when she practices! Keep up the good work!
Aiden McDonald- jumps into my cage every time there is an opening, fixes his swing every time he pops up.
Mike Markuns- picks teammates up after getting out.
Ethan Ricketts- Great day of hitting on Thursday. He is making adjustments and getting better. You can see the pride and confidence he has in himself every day.
Devin Kelsch- works extremely hard at strength and conditioning. Always in here working hard, never a moment he isn’t trying to get better.
Jonathan Houlder- John keeps his mouth shut and works hard during hitting and strength everyday.
Nick Mazzini - great day all around at Primary Clinic.
Sam O’Connell- great day all around at Primary Day Clinic.
Keith Farmer- every time he has bad swing or misses the ball he steps out regroups and crushes the ball right after.
High school workers - all do an excellent job with our kids. Especially Ryan Sorgi and Becca Gozzo. They have great attitudes and effort while helping with classes and practices.
Aidan Manning- Always polite and always early and ready to go for his hitting class with Mr. Joyce. 
Matt Gabriel- always in a good mood when he comes into the club. He is sweet and is super respectful to the front desk. He also continues to show his deep respect for others while out on turf working hard, listening to coaches and cheering on his peers.
Tucker Erdody- Tucker welcomed 2 boyd he worked with during fall baseball with a hug and huge smile after seeing them for first time this week. You could tell it made the boys day. Alannah Kearney- always very polite when coming to the BBC for softball class
Gabriella Charbonnier- always doibg a great job listening during softball classes and does a good job applying suggestions to her mechanics.
Joe Pendergast- At bandits practice Joe got hit with with a ball. After getting checked out, he got back on the mound and continued pitching. What an animal!
Jonathan Houlder- absolutely beast in cages today. Best I have seen him hit. After hitting he was awesome in strength and conditioning. Worked hard and never gave up
Joe Schwartz- great job at strength and conditioning. 
Ryan sorgi- always great with all the kids- not only teaching them baseball, but showing them kindness too!
Jack Pepdjonovic and Ethan Lai- huge days for both guys in hitting class. They helped their team with great rounds during line drive game and Ethan had game winning hit while Jack had four line drives in a row. 
Bartosz Maciejewski- Bartosz began mid January working out at BBC. 22 years old from Poland. One of the most pleasant and hardworking people we have met. Has been awesome working with him.